Lever Touch Video

Lever Touch Video

We are Lever Touch. A great team of professionals gaining experience in the automotive world since 1994. We are experts, craftsmen and engineers of course, but above all we are passionate about our work.

Our speciality is cars and we offer our services to manufacturers, insurers, fleets, dealerships and workshops. The central headquarters is in Italy, but we have offices and structures in Spain, France, Germany, Argentina and USA and we offer our services all over the world, travelling to wherever our clients need us immediately.


We offer the most innovative solutions through the best qualified staff and the most advanced techniques to clients in the automotive sector, from body work and paint work to mechanics and electronics. Always adhering to the most demanding quality standards with a highly competitive attitude.

We make an effort to increase our portfolio of services and maintain client loyalty with headquarters and structures at strategic points allowing us to respond as quickly as possible.

In the same way, we wish to be the most attractive employer in the sector to attract the best and most specialised professionals on the market.


Become a worldwide benchmark in automotive services. Whether this is providing complete solutions to climate related incidents or joining manufacturers’ production chains. All this thanks to the consolidation of Lever Touch Academy and Lever Touch IT Solutions, the implantation of the structure and the spread of our strategic plan.

In addition to major clients, we offer our services to individual clients, incorporating all the know-how, the benefits of technology, quality and economy of scale gained through our years of experience.