How to get a dent outwith hot-melt adhesives

Paintless Dent Repair

Hot-melt adhesives

Hot-melt adhesive (known also as “hot glue”) is a type of thermoplastic adhesive that is completely solid at room temperature.

It is used as a dent removal technique because when it reaches its melting point, it can be easily applied to the sheet metal of a vehicle in the process of repairing dents.

As it cools down and returns to a solid state, it is removed with the help of special tools.

This is the perfect technique for working on exterior surfaces, when the characteristics of the panel or the damage make the use of levers inadvisable or impossible.

How dents are removed from a vehicle with hot-melt adhesives

Hot-melt adhesives are used to make the suction cups adhere to the sheet metal of the vehicle.

This allows the surface on which the dent is located to be pulled outwards until the dent disappears.

The remaining adhesive is easily peeled off with alcohol and leaves no trace.

The process is completed using special hammers to finish the surface.


No need to dismantle the vehicle.

Fast dent removal on cars: less than 24 hours (20% to 50% faster than a traditional repair).

No body filler necessary.

Reduced costs.


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) improves Customer Satisfaction: cars return to their original state in a few hours.

Our dent repair service with hot-melt adhesives

The Lever Touch team of professionals has extensive experience in the application of PDR repair techniques  and, in particular, in the use of hot-melt adhesives.
We have all best products and tools needed to apply this technique on a daily basis in our body shops.

To ensure the best finish, maximum speed and the most competitive price, we always use the best techniques for each vehicle and we continuously train our PDR technicians at our Lever Touch Academy to keep them constantly updated on the latest industry news.

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