We skill automotive

Automotive experts

The Lever Touch team has more than 26 years of experience in the automotive sector and is highly specialized in vehicle repair and maintenance. We drive our clients at all times, from the beginning until the last life cycle of their cars: our services are made for individuals, manufacturers, insurance companies, vehicle fleets and repair shop owners.

Manufacturer support

Manufacturer Support

Complete solutions
for car makers

Storm incidents

Storm Incidents

Complete solutions for damages caused by hailstorms,
blizzards and environmental pollution

Insurer partnership

Insurer Partnerships

Solutions for
insurance companies

Fleet clients

Fleet Clients

Solutions for
fleet vehicles

Repair shops

Repair Shops

Solutions for repair shops,
dealerships, and logistics operators

Old Timer

Old Timer

Recovery and conditioning
of vintage cars

Global client coverage

Lever Touch headquarters are located in Italy. In addition, we have 6 offices in Spain, France, Germany, the USA, Brazil and Argentina. We offer 6 lines of service all over the world, going immediately to where our customers need us.

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We apply handcrafted vehicle repair techniques on a large scale

At Lever Touch, we provide purely handcrafted vehicle repairs. Even though we make repairs on a large scale, we always assure craftsmanship: the right tools, combined with the skill, talent, and expertise of our specialists, make anything possible.

The calm after the storm.

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We are creating a great team made up of the best technicians and professionals in the automotive industry. We believe that the best way to team up is to share all our knowledge with new members.

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