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This policy is meant for explaining how this website uses cookies in order to provide clear and relevant information, for allowing users to know what options they can choose for controlling what happens when they access this website. This policy uses the word “cookie” referring to cookies and similar technology provided by the law (sch as for example, Local Shared Objects – commonly mentioned as “flash cookies”, web beacons or bugs, among which there are transparent clear gifts). The information collected concern data which could allow to identify users/visitors by associating and processing data held by third parties (such as for example, the numbers of IP addresses, names of domains of the computers by people connected to this website). These data are used only for statistical purposes.

This document is an integral and substantial part of the Privacy Policy and of the information contained in it, issued according to art.13 of EU Regulations nr. 2016/679 (GDPR). We invite you, therefore, to read this document.

Applicable law

The subject is regulated by the European Directive 2002/58 /EC – subsequently amended by the Directive  2009/136 /EC and transposed into national legislations of the member States of the European Union- which requires thye consent for cookies and similar technology.

What a cookies is

A cookie is a little text file, generally made up with numbers and types, downloaded on a device, when the user accesses to the website. Cookies are then sent to the original website after every subsequent visit. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the device of a user.

The use of cookies and of similar technology has been for a long time a common technology, since that cookies are important for the provision of many online services. The use of this technology is not forbidden by the law, then, but it requires the user to be informed about cookies and to be offered him the possibility of acceptig them or not.

Cookies of different kinds

Session and permanent cookies

Cookies can expire at the end of a session of the browser (that is from when a user opens a window of the browser until he leaves the browser)  or they can be stored for a longer time.

Session cookies – they allow websites to connect the actions of a user during a session of the browser. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as reminding to a user what he has put in hi scart while surfing a website. They may also be used for safety, when a user accesses the Internet banking or to facilitate the use of the webmail. These session cookies expire after a session of the browser.

The use of the so called session cookies (which, in any case, are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and are automatically cancelled as soon as the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of data (made up with by casual numbers generated by the server) which identify the specific session and are necessary for allowing a safe and efficient surfing. The so called sesson cookies used in this website avoid the use of other computer techniques being potentially prejudicial to the users’ privacy of surfing.

Persistent cookies – they are stored on the users’ device between different browser sessions and allow to remind the user’s actions in a website. The persistent cookies can be used for a variety of purposes, among which we remember the preferences and choices of users when they use a website (or in some cases through different websites).

“First” and “third” party cookies” – The circumstance for which a cookie is of “first” or of “third” party is strictly connected with the website or the domain which uses that specific cookie. The “first party” cookies are essentially the cookies , set by the same website visited by the user- that is the website viewed in the URL window: in our case, the cookies set by Lever Touch s.r.l. The cookies of “third parties” are the cookies that are set by a domain different by the one visited by the user: that is the cookies that are set by websites different from Lever Touch S.r.l.. If a user visits a website (like and a third party company sets a cookie through, this specific cookie is a “third party”cookie.

Data controlling

LEVER TOUCH S.r.l., as identified in the Privacy policy, is the Data Controller of its own cookies and is responsible only for them, that is “first party” cookies; otherwise, the cookies of “third parties” fall within the control of the companies to which they pertain, which are identified according to the table contained in this document.

Consent for cookies

Some cookies are strictly necessary for the right working of the Internet and do not require the user’s consent, such as for example those guaranteeing that the content of a page is uploaded rapidly and efficiently, the distribution of the workload between different computers or those ensuring safety.

Other cookies are also quite necessary or important, but they are not strictly unavoidable and then, they require the user’s consent.

This website uses different methods for collecting the user’s consent: one method is ticking the specific box on the cookie banner published on the website access  page, which shows the use of cookies.

The browser settings represent another means for giving the consent or, otherwise, for refusing cookies; the user can set the browser so that he is informed about the presence of cookies, and then he is able to decide whether to accept cookies or not. It is also possible to automatically refuse all cookies, by setting the special option on the browser.

Each browser shows instructions for this.

Withdrawal of  consent

Your consent to the use of cookies can be withdrawn at any time, even if withdrawal may have an impact n the website working.

The cookies we use

When managing its own website, LEVER TOUCH S.r.l. uses cookies for offering service, for improving the users’ experience, as well as for developing aggregate statistics on the data collected for different reasons.

These cookies allow us to distinguish our website user from the others, they help us to provide a good experience when sufing our website and to improve our website.

The cookies we use are “technical” and “analytic”. They allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and to examine how visitors surf our website when we use it. This helps us to improve the way our website works, for example by helping user to easily find what they need. To learn more about the single analysis cookies  that we use and about how to recognize them, we refer to the table below.

More specifically, this website uses these kinds of cookies, as they are listed in the following table:

  1. technical cookies: they are necessary for surfing within the website and in order to use some functions (for example to move from one page to another, etc).
  2. analytic cokies: for the statistic analysis of the website visits. The information is collected on an aggregation basis.
  3. profiling cookie: used for sending advertisements.


Name Domain Type of  Cookie Description Retention period
_ga Analytic Used to distinguish users. 2 years
_gid Analytic Used to distinguish users. 24 h
_gat Analytic Used to throttle request rate. 1 minute
uncode_privacy[consent-types] Technical Remembers the users’s preference for privacy. The info is stored in the browser. No personal information are stored within these cookies. 1 year
uncodeAI.css Technical Contains runtime informations about the viewport and screen resolution. No personal information are stored within these cookies. Per session
uncodeAI.images Technical Contains runtime informations about the viewport and screen resolution. No personal information are stored within these cookies. Per session
uncodeAI.screen Technical Contains runtime informations about the viewport and screen resolution. No personal information are stored within these cookies. Per session


Some of the cookies used belong to third parties. The process to obtain the consent for these cookies, is complex, but we do our best, in order to provide the right information to users and to allow them to make responsible choices abut what is stored on their device.

For this reason the company provides the addresses of these third parties which to refer to, or, if they  are not available, it reports here the methods for removing the cookies you do not want to accept.

Data circulation and storage scope

The data on web contacts are not stored for a period longer than seven days, any possible investigations about cybercrimes causing damages to this website, excepted.  No data deriving from the web service will be communicated or transmitted to non specified receivers.

Updating of the cookie policy

The cookie policy in our website can be periodically updated, that is why we recommend you to look over this document any time you enter our website, in order to be updated about how nd why we use cookies.

Further information about cookies

For further information about the cookies in this website, it is possible to contact the following e-mail address:

Date of the last revision

Date of the last revision: 1/3/2019