I. Data cotrol and types of data

According to art 13 of the GDPR, the company LEVER TOUCH S.r.l. having its registered office in Naples (80122), at via F. Petrarca 141 L, as Data Controller, invites you to carefully read the following information about your personal data processing: personal and contact data (pjysical addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail address and similar data) and other data potentially identifying single individual, natural persons. 

II. Use purpose and legal basis of data processing

Your personal data are dealt with within the context of the normal activity carried out by Lever Touch Srl, for the following purposes: 

A. Contractual purposes:

To allow the fulfilment of the obligations being the subject of the contract and the purposes related to the contract execution (tax formalities, administration management, etc.).

As regards the data processing carriec out  for the above said purposes, no specific or further consent is requested from you, besides the one you have given on the conclusion of the contract with Lever Touch Srl or subject to the execution of contractual measures, adopted by the company on request of the customer himself [art. 6, par.1, lett. b) GDPR].  In case you refuse to supply your data for the above said purposes, Lever Touch Srl will not be able to fulfil its contractual obligations.

B. Purposes connected with the obligations provided by laws, regulations and/or the EU rules, as well as by provisions imposed by the Authorities acting according to the law and subject to   the control of supervisory and control bodies.

For example the transmission of personal data taken from the company’s douments, requested by the judicial authority for purposes of justice or police, and the one requested by the tax Administration for tax inspections.

As regards the data processing  carried out according to the above said purposes, your specific consent is not required, since that they are legal obligations to which the Data controller is subject [art. 6, par.1, lett. c) GDPR]. 

C. Promotional purposes:

To use the e-mail contact data supplied by you for a transaction, also for sending  communications of a commercial kind, and/or advertisement material concerning products or services similar to those being the subject of a contract, your power of refusing, at any time, the use of your contact data, supplied during the foregoing transaction, excepted. You are entitled at any time, and free of charge, to refuse the processing of your personal data, for the above said promotional purpose, simply by sending a communication of refusal of data processing, to the e-mail address [email protected].

III. Data use and storage methods

Your data are used by electronic (teleohone, e-mail, instant messages)  and/or paper means (paper letters, traditional mail, etc.) with organization and processing stratgies, which are strictly linked to the purposes themselves, and, however, in order to guarantee the integrity, security and privacy of data themselves. 

IV. Data circulation scope

Within a context which is referrable to the same Data Controller

A. Data can be used by the personnel of LEVER TOUCH S.r.l. who have been specifically appointed for carrying out data processing and who have received a specific training for performing this task, as well as by third party companies which carry out instrumental activities on behalf of LEVER TOUCH, the latter act as  external data protection officers and under the direction and control of LEVER TOUCH S.r.l..

Within the same company group for contractual or accountancy purposes

B. Moreover, data can be transmitted or received also from other foreign offices of Lever Touch Srl  (so called branches) situated within the territory of the European Union, in order to fulfil specific legal obligations or for contractual and accontancy purposes, with special reference to the internal report purpose between the foreign branches and the Italian controlling company. In particular, the branches situated in the EU have their registered office in:

  • Germany : Zweigniederlassung Deutschland – Im Mediapark 8 – Koln
  • France : Lever Touch Srl – Succursale France – 49006 Rue de La Belle Etoile 385, Roissy en France
  • Spain : Lever Touch Srl – Sucursal Espana  – 08820 El Prat de Llobregat Sc Barcelona

Such entities act as data protection officers on behalf of Lever Touch Srl, by the adoption of contracts or other juridical deeds assigning obligations and responsibiities concerning personal data processing which the Italian controlling company stipulates or draws up according to art. 28 GDPR.

Non difssemination

Your personal data  are not transmitted to undetermined receivers.

V. Data retention period

The personal data collected by Lever Touch Srl are stored for the whole period of validity of the contract, as well as for a period not overcoming, in any case, 10 years from the termination of it. The legitimate interest in protecting the rights of the Data Controller may exist also after the termination for any reason, of the contractual relationship between the Data Controller and the concerned person, for the time being strictly necessary for protecting the rights of the Data Controller and of the concerned person or for filfilling the orders of the judicial, aministrative, control Authority. The personal data processed for promotional purposes will be stored until the refusal of the concerned person to receive further communications, according to art. 130, paragraph 4, Legisl. Decree 196/2003 as subsequently amended and supplemented.

VI. Rights

While data are being processed, You can exercise, at any time, the following rights

  • You can obtain the confirmation of the existence of the same data and, if yes, you can know their content and origin, 
  • You can control the accuracy of data and ask for the correction of the incorrect ones, or you can ask for the supplementation of the incomplete data or the updatnig of the old data, or 
  • You can obtain the limitation of data processing, where one of the cases provided by article 18 GDPR occurs; 
  • You can ask for the cancellation of the data processed in infringement of the law, that is if one of the other conditions provided by article 17, par.1, letters a), b), c,)e) and f) of the GDPR occurs.
  • You can, for legitimate reasons, refuse your data processing, that is you can refuse your data processing in the other cases provided by article 21, paragraphs 2, 3 and 22 of the GDPR;
  •  You can freely withdraw, at any time, yur consent to your data processing, for the puroses specified below;
  • You can obtain the transmission of your personal data being pocessed, in a format being compatible with the standard computer applications, in order to allow their transmission to other plaforms chosen by you, without interposing any obstacles to the direct transmission of the data processed to another Data Controller, in the case such direct transmission is technically possible (so called right to the portability of data);
  • The requests for exercising the above said rights, must be sent to the Data Controller: Lever Touch S.r.l. Mail: [email protected]
  • In case the Data Controller does not answer or only partly answers to the above said requests, you will be entitled to submit a claim or complaint to the Data Protection Supervisor, according to the terms and conditions provided by the EU Regulations  196/2003 as subsequently amended and supplemented.