Fleet Repair Center

A workshop specializing in fleets

The Fleet Repair Center is specifically designed to meet our fleet clients' needs.

We customize vehicles with partial and full car wrap. Plus, we take care of every vehicle from breakdowns and interiors to general damages, dents and scratches to the autobody and paint. Whatever the volume of vehicles, we always offer a high-quality and immediate service.


The choice of creating a specific place for fleets has a direct benefit on the activity of our customers: vehicle occupancy increases and the service suspension time due to repairs significantly reduces. Our clients will also profit during Buy-Back and remarketing.

What are the advantages enjoyedby clients of our Fleet Repairs?

Our repair techniques increase the residual value of vehicles

Optimization of buy-back and remarketing processes

Substantial lowering of repair and maintenance times

Our Fleet Repair Center


La Llagosta Fleet Repair Center
Cra. Nacional-152, La Llagosta, Barcelona

+34 659 08 50 49

The calm after the storm.

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