Express Repair Center

A new repair shop conceptfor companies and individuals

The Express Repair Center is a new concept created by Lever Touch: our company's vision illustrated in one space.

It combines a series of factors (time, installations, quality) made to optimize any kind of repair at any stage: body repair, vehicle painting, breakdown repair, Paintless Dent Repair, aluminum components repair, replacement of spare parts and customization.

It’s designed to offer fast and complete solutions to individuals, insurance companies, manufacturers and dealerships, with no compromise on quality.

Main clients and servicesof our Express Repair Centers

Insurance Companies

  • Centralization of PDR services and traditional repairs
  • Smart Repair: less than 24 hours
  • High-quality repairs

Manufacturers and importers

  • Vehicles customization, with special finishes
  • Fleet customization
  • Buy-back reconditioning
  • Support during work peaks
  • Stamping support


  • Support in outsourcing of urgent services
  • PDR assistance
  • Mobile Paint Cabins assistance
video express repair center

More than 3,000 m2 of facilities made to provide efficient car repair

Every Express Repair Center is divided into specific areas per category of repair.

Each area is equipped with specific tools and technology. Highly qualified technicians are there to make repairs in record time.

Paintless Dent Repair

Express Preparation Boxes

Trailer for Accidents and Collisions

Mechanical and Electronic Area, General and Tire Maintenance

Aluminum Repair

Express Paint Cabins

Complete Preparation Boxes

Complete Paint Cabins (1 per commercial vehicle)

Quick repairs
Lever Touch Barcelona

Our Express Repair Centers


BCN Express Repair Center
C/ Crom 23, nave 76
08940 Cornellá del Llobregat, Barcelona
937 68 71 72


NAP Express Repair Center
Via Pozzillo S/N,
81100 Caserta
800 200 101

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