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More than 1,500 Lever Touch service points in Europe: dealerships, logistics operators, and repair shops partners

The way we work and the efficiency of our processes has gained us a limitless trust from the manufacturers, insurance companies and fleet clients we have worked with.

All of them express their satisfaction and highly recommend us as partners. This has allowed us to build a wide network of service points all over Europe, responding to any and all repair requests that require proximity and coverage.

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Are you close to a Lever Touch service point?

Report your damage by calling one of our Contact Centers:

300 service points
1 Express Repair Center
1 Fleet Repair Center

900 150 152
250 service points

0 805 030 302
650 service points

+49 170 7453 866
250 service points
1 Express Repair Center

800 200 101

Join our repair
shops network

Our partners have great advantages:

  • Customer growth.
  • Every repair shop is recognized as a service point providing quality and excellence.
  • We offer a free PDR technique course for select workers.

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