Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch incorpora el Photocall

Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch incorporates the Photocall in its range of services

With the new Photocall, the Technical Center offers its customers a 360 remarketing service, which takes over from the reconditioning of the vehicles of the occasion it has to publish online for sale.

One of the main activities of the Autoterminal Technical Center By Lever Touch is the reconditioning of occasion vehicles. That is why the implementation of the new Photocall is essential to help reduce the “time line to sell” of cars, a key factor in the VO operations rentability. With this, the time that passes from the identification of damages, the approval of the budget, its repair, the realization of the photographic report, the video and its online publication, is considerably reduced, removing factors such as transport, intermediations, new washes, etc. that extendand make this process more expensive.

The new Photocall consists of a recording set of 90m2 with a synchronized rotating platform with the photographic equipment, which operates in an automated way for the realization of the 360o photo shooting. Manual intervention focuses on the adjustments required to adapt the report to the client’s requirements (protocol, framing, details). It also includes equipment for taking a 360 interior panoramic view.

On the other hand, the qualified professional team of the Technical Center guarantees that the standards and protocols of action of the clients for the preparation of the reports are applied correctly and that the results are optimal and contribute to the final sale of the used vehicle.

Autoterminal Technical Center By Lever Touch has called the Photocall “The White Room” since, thanks to its characteristics, the variety of services that it allows to offer its customers is of a greater scope to the traditional use given to this type of facilities. That’s how it is, in “The White Room” you can carry out online technical training sessions, product presentations and demonstrations, remote monitoring of special jobs, work meetings with vehicle present, advertising events or promotional events, etc.

Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch

On March 23, 2022, the Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch was inaugurated, the new Technical Center located in the Port of Barcelona born from the alliance between Lever Touch and Autoterminal. From the union of these two leading companies in their sectors, logistics operations and large-scale vehicle repair and maintenance services respectively, a unique value proposition in the market. More than 5,000 m2 destined to serve its customers; personalization and transformation campaigns, PDI services, vehicle reconditioning and maintenance, repairs of vehicles damaged by weather events (hail, tornadoes, chemical pollution, etc.).  Highly specialized services aimed at manufacturers, insurance companies, dealer groups and fleet companies, which require a Technical Center capable of providing immediate and large-scale solutions.

Since its opening, Autoterminal Technical Center By Lever Touch has already carried out 33,734 B2B operations. This success is largely due to the privileged location of the Centre, as it is connected by rail with the main logistics centres of the country (Martorell, Zaragoza, Valencia, Pamplona, Valladolid, Madrid) with Europe through UIC (Wide European Connection) rail connectivity and by sea with the Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean countries and the rest of the world.

This makes Autoterminal Technical Center By Lever Touch the ideal partner for those customers who operate nationally and internationally and are looking for a supplier that, in addition to providing vehicle repair and maintenance services, offers them the services of an operations platform with high connectivity.

Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch
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