Lever Touch and Monlau join forces to foster the training of specialised PDR technicians

  • Monlau will be the first training centre in Spain to on-board this vehicle repair technique, specially used after adverse weather events, in its official curriculum.
  • In 2023 alone, nearly 100,000 cars have been repaired by Lever Touch, world leaders in PDR procedures
  • Upwards of 1,500 students and teachers from the Monlau Group will gain access to Lever Touch’s know-how to foster the training of professionals specialised in PDR, a technique that is increasingly in demand in dealerships and after-sales services.

Barcelona, 29 January 2024


Lever Touch’s expertise in the paintless dent repair (PDR) technique for all kinds of cars will be made available to the Monlau Group in order to discover new talent among automotive students and meet the demand from a sector that is increasingly seeking specialists trained in this technique. 

This was agreed by the CEO of the Monlau Group, Iban Ventura, and the director of Lever Touch Spain, Marcos Hidalgo, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding in Barcelona, which makes Monlau Spain’s first training centre to include in its official curriculum the teaching of PDR techniques, ideal for repairing all kinds of vehicles with damaged bodywork following adverse weather events, such as hailstorms or tornadoes. 

In 2023 alone, close to 100,000 cars have been repaired using rodding procedures in which Lever Touch is a world leader thanks to the advantages it offers over traditional puttying and repainting: it is a cheaper and faster method and does not require a change to the original paintwork of the vehicle which, in this way, maintains its value on used-vehicle market. 

Internship students

Lever Touch will have the chance to recruit trainees from Monlau, particularly from the Automotive area, but also from IT and Marketing, at its work facilities. 

The memorandum of understanding stipulates that Monlau’s teaching staff will be able to attend professional internships at Lever Touch’s facilities, in order to learn the most cutting-edge repair techniques from the sector’s leading expert in technology applied to bodywork, panel-beating and paintwork. 

Lever Touch and Monlau join forces to foster the training of specialised PDR techniciansAdditionally, Lever Touch will be able to give modules, lectures and master classes at Monlau centres to enable upwards of 1,500 intermediate and advanced students to familiarise themselves with the work procedures used in the repair shop, particularly in the PDR technique. 

Transfer of material 

Precisely with the goal of strengthening the partnership between the labour market and the training of future professionals, Lever Touch will provide Monlau with tools and material for student learning and research, on loan. 

In turn, the Monlau Group will be able to use the White Room at the Port of Barcelona to develop promotional material, both for its brand Monlau Formación Profesional and for Monlau Corporate, the division that specialises in technical training, consultancy and talent recruitment for companies in the automotive sector.

Monlau’s CEO, Iban Ventura, underscored the importance of this agreement because “it will provide a professional outlet for many students who will discover their vocation in a sector with a very bright future.” He also highlighted “the synergies that will be built up between Monlau and Lever Touch, bringing together the demands of the sector and the training needs of companies, students and teachers.” 

Lever Touch and Monlau join forces to foster the training of specialised PDR techniciansLikewise, the CEO of Lever Touch Spain, Marcos Hidalgo, highlighted “the need to train a specialised workforce in order to respond to the growing market demand. This partnership is intended to generate enthusiasm among young people and an interest in pursuing a career project.”


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