Lever Touch sponsors the Italy Insurance Forum 2024 event

The 11th edition of the Italy Insurance Forum (8 May 2024 | NH Congress Centre Assago | Milan), organised by iKN Italy, will be attended by over 100 speakers and 600 visitors, focusing on the challenges posed by climate change and catastrophic weather events. In a context of increasing attention to the implications of these phenomena, the forum will be an opportunity to talk about advanced technologies as potential solutions. Lever Touch, Gold Sponsor of the Forum, will be present to discuss these issues with industry decision makers.

The Italy Insurance Forum confirms itself as a reference point for the most innovative Insurtechs that will enjoy a privileged showcase to present their projects to insurance companies. Lever Touch will meet with operators from the insurance world to talk about innovation and efficiency that are not clichés, but a real paradigm shift in the car repair market. The combination of advanced technology and highly specialised professionals employed in vehicle repair activities are the winning combination of Lever Touch. An industrial uniqueness that has been summarised in the slogan ‘Artisan Intelligence’, which represents the beating heart of an operation that sees its highest expression in the PDR technique (cold repair without painting). This methodology, which eliminates the need for invasive intervention and painting, relies on the specialised skills of Lever Touch’s technicians, who are able to restore vehicles to their original shape with absolute precision, minimising environmental impact while ensuring significant savings for the customer.

“Today more than ever, weather events and hail in particular are a big problem for everyone, especially for the automotive insurance industry,” explains Valerio Gridelli, General Manager Italy & France | Global Back Office Director of Lever Touch. “These extreme weather phenomena force large-scale customers to face very high repair costs with very long vehicle restoration times. For many years now, our Group has been responding to all this with its experience and know-how, providing repair services using the so-called cold technique, or PDR, which drastically reduces repair costs and times.

Operating on a global scale, with offices in Italy and branches in France, Spain, Germany, the United States, Argentina and Brazil, Lever Touch is a benchmark for those seeking a service that combines artisan excellence and respect for the environment. The Group is committed to promoting inclusiveness and the exchange of know-how, thus helping to spread the value of Artisan Intelligence around the world. A virtuous synergy between manual skills and technology to meet the challenges of the market with a rigorous approach to service quality and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to the cold PDR technique, Lever Touch is distinguished by its ability to repair vehicles, restoring them to their new condition without the use of putty and hot paint. The result is to guarantee its large-scale customers, wherever they are in the world, very low costs and significantly shorter repair times. An operating model that sees technicians specialised in the cold PDR technique as its most important asset. There are only a few thousand qualified professionals worldwide, and in order to always guarantee the availability of technicians for large orders, Lever Touch also bases its organisation on the ability to train these people. This takes place at the Lever Touch Academy in Italy, France and Spain, where young people are trained to become highly specialised technicians within a few years.

The participation of Lever Touch, as Gold Sponsor at the event, underlines the importance of collaboration between the car repair and insurance sectors to meet future challenges and exploit growth opportunities in the context of a rapidly changing market. Through this synergy, Lever Touch and insurance industry partners can work together to offer solutions that improve customer satisfaction by optimising processes for efficiency and innovation to make a difference in the vehicle repair industry.


With three decades of experience in the automotive repair industry, Lever Touch combines excellent craftsmanship with technological innovation, operating on a global scale. Our specialisation focuses on environmentally friendly repair techniques, in particular through the use of PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) methodology, which allows us to carry out repairs without painting, thereby minimising environmental impact. With the expertise of highly qualified technicians, we offer fast, affordable and sustainable solutions, distinguishing ourselves in the market for efficiency and environmental friendliness. With a team of 250 direct employees and more than 1500 collaborators, our network extends globally with its headquarters in Italy and strategic subsidiaries in France, Spain, Germany, the United States, Argentina and Brazil. This geographical distribution not only promotes inclusiveness, but also the cultural and professional exchange of know-how. Our continuous growth path reflects our adherence to the principles of transparency, innovation and commitment to sustainable development.