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How to remove dents from a car

Remove dents from the car quickly and economically

Believe or not, removing dents is not just an aesthetic issue.

If the vehicle gets damaged, it won’t have the same value in the automotive market. Plus, having dents might lead to many problems, such as oxidation or corrosion of the sheet in the medium and long term.

Here are the main reasons why it’s very unwise not to repair these kind of damages, whether caused by hail, accidental blows or any other factor. At the same time, it’s extremely necessary to have qualified professionals in to remove dents with the right knowledge and tools. Lever Touch disposes of both.

The 2 techniques we use to remove dents in cars

There’s just one last thing to take into consideration: the way to disassemble a damaged sheet is not always the same.

The type of technique will be chosen after the examination of the sheet. If the paint has been damaged, it’s better to opt for the so-called Spot Repair. Otherwise, the PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) technique is a great alternative: car gets repaired in short time and the car owner will enjoy impeccable results.

Both options are part of the Smart Repair technique, but we will explain you in detail the most notable differences between one and another procedure.

Spot Repair

How to remove a dent when paint is damaged: the Spot Repair

When the flaw is located on a small surface (smaller than an A4 format sheet), the Spot Repair technique is faster, more economic and more effective way to remove dents in a car.

It is necessary to start with the evaluation of the affected area, in order to confirm if the damage is made of dents and the loss of the paint, because of the impact.

The next step will be the cleaning and polishing of the surface, followed by the identification of the color of the car body. Then, technicians will start to prepare the area and apply the right paint, in order to obtain a perfect finish.

Reparación PDR

Removing dents without painting: the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Here we introduce you one of the most innovative techniques in the automotive sector: the PDR.

Our technicians are real experts in it. By the way, we only use it if the vehicle paint has not been damaged.

The advantages of dent repair without painting the car are obvious

  1. A high reduction of the repair time;
  2. A barely invasive intervention on the vehicle, which does not alter the original paint;
  3. An unbeatable final result. On one hand, dents are completely removed; on the other hand, the vehicle returns to the same conditions it had before the blow and keeps the manufacturer’s quality.

What techniques are used to remove dents from a car without painting:

Actually, the expression Paintless Dent Repair includes three different ways of car body repair:

  • With special designed levers, that can have different shapes, lengths and stiffness. Our technicians work from the inside of the car, by carefully applying pressure to restore the effected panel to its original form;
  • With hot melt adhesives used from the outside, when the use of levers is not possible / recommended;
  • With magnetic induction, the ideal procedure when the body panels are weak and it’s necessary to recover its original consistency.

As we already mentioned, in the three cases the application of any type of primer or new paint on the affected panel is not needed; so, once the dents are removed, there’s no detectable trace of the mishap.

When none of these options is possible, our professionals will put all their experience and craftsmanship expertise in the Spot Repair, in order to offer to our clients the best repair solutions. The vehicle will recover its initial value, and will be protected from any risks arising from the damage.

We like to demonstrate our clients that there’s no doubt we skill automotive, and this is also thanks to the great importance we give to the precise and innovative techniques of the automotive sector.

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