Specific repairs for vehicles brands

Repairing a car is becoming more and more an exclusive service.

Above all, we refer to electric and hybrid vehicles which, despite having appeared for more than 10 years, they are now in mass production by almost all manufacturers, will briefly require a fast rhythm and a high volume of repairs.

This is one of the aspects related to the automotive sector that requires specific techniques, infrastructure and tools. Everything indicates that in the next decade workshops will have to reinvent their ways of working, by renewing their services and their skills to face a different demand. We at Lever Touch will be ready to face this growing demand.

Electric cars: innovation is already here

The number of electric vehicles in circulation is still low, but it seems quite clear that it will increase in a short period. Both the mechanical characteristics and the maintenance of these vehicles are simpler than the traditional cars; even the number of parts they are composed is considerably lower than that of cars with combustion engines. On the other hand, this does not lead to a reduction in complexity and time when repairing. In fact, most of the damages concern the electrical system and, unless it’s due to a fabric defect of the battery, it’s necessary to repair the entire structure of the vehicle.

This type of repair must be performed by technicians who, in addition to mechanical skills, are required to have a grounded knowledge of the electrical and electronic aspects of this type of vehicle and the ability to work with a medium level of electrical voltage.

Specific repairs for vehicles brandsAluminum is getting known within the manufacturers

One of latest trends in the automotive industry has aluminium body parts being used more widely than the past.
Time after time, its qualities made it gain importance and presence in the automotive sector.

Aluminium doesn’t have a high weight and it’s hard to corrode; moreover, its use is less harmful for the environment, besides the fact that it reduces the weight of the vehicle and therefore the consumption. On the other hand, repairs involving work with aluminum are not simple and must be carried out in a separate area of the workshops, in order to avoid problems that its dust can provoke. Our Express repair centers have a specific area to work with aluminum; they are well defined and equipped with the specific tools that aluminum requires.

Lever Touch and the specific treatments

Our Express repair centers have the most advanced technological resources in bodywork and traditional sheet metal. The same can be said of the painting areas: we are talking about high-performance cabins and high-quality paints (Standox). All this allows us to carry out our work with absolute respect to the specifications of each brand.

Specific repairs for vehicles brandsManufacturer Support, repairs and exclusive services for each manufacturer

Our expertise and passion for the essence of each vehicle has led us to create a line of service exclusively dedicated to manufacturers.

Plus, our Manufacturer Support line shows that we are extremely demanding in any intervention on electric vehicles, especially because during the repair process it’s important to protect the parts they are made of; moreover, we pay extreme attention to the final finishes and to the interiors and meticulously respect some “personal” characteristics of the brands, such as olfactory marketing.

Our work philosophy refers to something that goes beyond the repair of a vehicle. Besides the fact that we deliver cars in an impeccable state, we also deal with aspects that have nothing to do with mechanics or electronics: we always act with scrupulous fidelity towards any brand, which is why our future technicians, who are attending the Lever Touch Academy, receive specific training based on the model and manufacturer of each vehicle.
Because we know that a car is not just meant to be driven, but also (and above all) to be enjoyed.