4 key points for hail-related vehicle repairs at a global scale

The purpose of Lever Touch, as a company providing services to global customers, dealing with a kind of meteorological phenomenon whose next occurrence’s location is hard to predict, cannot be other than creating a structure capable of offering the best coverage, across the world, for hail-related damages on vehicles.

Having fixed more than 345,000 vehicles with hail damages, we have a good starting point for an ambitious plan, with 5 essential points.

Strategically positioned branch offices all over the world

It is an ambitious goal, and we have already covered a big distance: at the present time, our company already has six permanent branch offices in Europe and America, a good measure of the success of our journey. Our presence in Naples, Barcelona, Paris, Cologne, Buenos Aires, and Miami provides us with the necessary operative structures to coordinate every activity in these countries and their surrounding regions.

4 key points for hail-related vehicle repairs at a global scale
Image of the headquarters in Naples (Italy)  

Mobile operations to deal with hail damages anywhere in the world

In many cases, moving a large number of hail-damaged vehicles to a repair shop is not an option. For that reason, we have our mobile infrastructure that can be set into motion at an amazing speed, providing immediate response to hail catastrophes and starting large scale repair operations, anywhere in the world. So far, we have dealt with more than 300 large catastrophes caused by hail, blizzards, and industrial pollution, and we have reached maximum efficiency working on claims involving massive numbers of vehicles (up to 30,000).

4 key points for hail-related vehicle repairs at a global scale

To be able to provide our services not only to car fleets, but also to final customers, we sign agreements with insurance companies. When a catastrophe occurs, the companies that participate in our Insurer Partnerships service line know that they can count with the fast and precise attention that we at Lever Touch put in every vehicle we repair. Our technicians are certified PDR experts, and they remove every dent in a significantly shorter time than required by conventional repairs.

The capillarity of our network of repair facilities

One of the factors that allow us to provide a global coverage of hail-related damages on automobiles is the capillarity of our repair facilities. We understand it as an asset that makes it possible for knowledge to flow within our company, vertically (from the bottom up to the top) and horizontally (with partners, providers and customers). For us it is one way to avoid stagnation and keeping the company connected to the problems and solutions that are constantly being generated.

Accordingly, Lever Touch offers its repair service partners technical support, training and a remarkable adaptability. That way, we can carry out our services in our centers or provide support to dealers and repair shops at their own facilities.

Express Repair Centers: repair quality and speed

The Express Repair Centers are part of our structure, and we must highlight that they are not conventional repair shops. We are talking about a new concept in the automotive repair sector, based in the two most important things for a customer: not to lose money and not to lose time unnecessarily.

One of the activities of our Express Repair Centers is to offer Paintless Dent Repairs to all customers within their area of influence. Our centers also include an academy space to train the new technicians.

Besides, everything is thoroughly prepared for the technical processes to develop with the utmost precision and harmony, almost like a symphony orchestra. The work of machinery and professionals is integrated in a system conceived to optimize every action, offering as a result a considerable improvement in repair quality and shortening of repair times.

Do you want to know more about our Express Repair Centers?

Watch the live streaming global presentation of the first example of this new repair center concept, in Barcelona.