Lever Touch and time saving in comparison with conventional repairs

When it comes to fixing vehicles that have been damaged by hail or other weather phenomena, the time elapsed until delivery is a key factor. There are obvious reasons for this. No matter whether the job is done for private individuals, for insurance companies or for businesses with fleets of vehicles, the longer the cars are unavailable, the worst the disruptions and losses are for the client.

At Lever Touch we are aware that reducing repair times must be one of our priorities. But simple intentions are not good enough, it is necessary to develop human, material and organisational resources, to make time saving a real and tangible asset. Time can be measured, therefore we can let numbers talk about the efficiency of our service.

We need only 24 to 48 hours to start a hail damage repair operation anywhere in the world

Having dealt with more than a hundred catastrophes caused by hail, blizzards and industrial pollution, and having fixed more than 345,000 vehicles, we have reached an extraordinarily high level of optimisation in the deployment of our operations. The experience we have gained, the extensive international presence of our company, and the strength of its infrastructure, are the elements that allow us to respond almost immediately to any catastrophe anywhere in the world. They also make it possible for us to carry out our activity on several claims at the same time, something rather frequent during hail season.

The swiftness of our work does not compromise in any way the care and attention devoted to each and every repair. We control the whole process, we make sure that the vehicles are perfectly covered before we start working on them, and we have the largest number of PDR technicians in the market, trained at the Lever Touch Academy to guarantee the excellence of the result.

We use the PDR technique, five times faster than conventional repairs

Técnica PDR
We fix the dents caused by hail by means of PDR (Paintless Dent Repair techniques). The three different PDR methods (using PDR rods, hot-melt adhesives, and magnetic induction) make it possible to drastically reduce the time spent with the traditional repair procedures.

It was unusual for such procedures to take less than five days at the shop. Sanding, filling, painting, drying, and polishing extended considerably the repair time, with days turning into weeks when the damages were the result of such a harmful phenomenon as hail.

Using PDR techniques, a qualified technician is able to fix 1,000 dents in less than 24 hours, saving a considerable amount of time and resources and offering the customer a far more satisfying service.

We specialise in doing smart repairs in less than 24 hours

Smart repairs
Lever Touch’s approach and organisation have as their goal to make it possible to apply artisanal techniques on a large scale and, above all, to make things easier for our customers. We have strived to give our company flexibility and to offer a wide range of repair services, either in our own repair centres or at the logistics operators’ premises. We also provide technical support for car dealers and other auto repair shops.

This policy is reflected on our One-stop shopping service proposal, making it possible for our customer to have all our services available in one place, with one provider, saving him inconveniences, time and money. It is also the source of our specialisation in smart repairs, that is to say fixing in a very short time the car damages that only require medium or small repairs, thus preventing car depreciation and avoiding keeping it at the repair shop longer than necessary.

At present we are working on the setting up of a new repair shop, in Barcelona, to increase our proximity to the customers and to maintain Lever Touch’s growing process. It goes without saying that optimising and reducing our repair times, together with maintaining our service quality, will always remain as top priorities in our permanent pursuit of excellence.