Valerio Gridelli, new addition to our team.

It wasn’t easy.

Executive Director of our holding company, Vave SpA, Back Office Global Director of the Group, and General Manager of Italy and France are not positions that can be granted lightly.

Therefore, after a long and thorough selection process, we are proud to announce that Valerio Gridelli will occupy these key positions to lead Lever Touch to the realization of the ambitious 2025 Strategic Plan.

Of Neapolitan origin, he lives in the province of Rome with his family, but his mastery of Italian, French and English means that Valerio can settle anywhere in the world. Luckily, he chose us.

After obtaining the Scientific Diploma and the degree in Education Sciences with a focus on Human Resources, he began his professional career in Rent a Car, in companies such as AVIS and Eurodollar.

His managerial qualities soon became evident when he took the leap to the insurance sector, to a world-class company such as the AXA Group, where he held positions in Commercial Management and Deputy General Management for two companies of the Group.

He then returned to the world of car rental and for 10 years he held increasingly important managerial roles until finally assuming the position of General Manager of Europcar Italy. At the same time, for 2 years he was Vice President of ANIASA, also becoming a member of the Presidency Committee.

The rise of his professional career did not stop and during the following years he led the Network Management of ACI GLOBAL, with 750 ACI Roadside Assistance Centers and more than 4,000 related offices. He assumed the direction of the company’s Commercial Management and became a member of the Strategic Committee and Executive Committee of ARC International.

In 2016, he took yet another leap in professional quality with his entry into Viasat SpA as Chief Executive Officer, a role he carried out achieving important positive results for more than six years.

We could go on for a long time, but a single page would not be enough to tell of his entire career and the results he obtained, and this is a guarantee of future growth and development for the Lever Touch Group. Undoubtedly, his experience and leadership skills will be instrumental in achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

Welcome, Valerio!