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As you probably may know, the main philosophy of our company is based on craftsmanship. Our technicians carry out their work with the care of real passion.

This approach is only possible with a strong background of knowledge and also with something that doesn’t have to do with technical aspects. Actually, we’re talking about the pilar of our entire business: passion for cars.

We have a huge passion for every kind of vehicle, but we are charmed by classic cars. That’s why we decided to expand our service lines and introduce a new one: the Lever Touch Old Timer line.

The classic cars fever has always been existed but seems to have increased in the last years, with many events and meetings that show real car jewels. Surely you have attended one of them.

Lever Touch’s work on a classic car

The restoration of classic cars, like any passionate of the sector knows, cannot be done by anyone. It is fundamental to know clearly the model on which you will work and be able to guarantee a finish that respects the original concept of the vehicle. Our preparation and the proven experience of our technicians allow us to face the challenge that a classic car restoration may represent.

The approach of the new line Lever Touch Old Timer starts from an integral action: we act on both the aesthetic and mechanical aspects of the vehicle.
We regain the bodywork by eliminating any trace of dents (our core business), and proceed with the polishing, to give the car a perfect exterior look.

In addition, we examine the general mechanics of the vehicle and perform the necessary replacements.
It does not end here: we also deal with the restoration of the interior of the car. We bring the upholstery and seats back to their original fabric condition.

The last part of the restoration is the paint: we give the car its original color, a particularly important factor when it comes to classic vehicles.

If you are interested in classic cars, follow our activity on our social networks. Recently, the technicians of our Express Repair Center in Barcelona had the opportunity to restore a Land Rover Defender TDI manufactured in 1989.


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