500,000 cars repaired worldwide!

We have reached the long-awaited milestone: more than 500,000 vehicles repaired. And we have become a Joint-Stock Company.

Discover our 2021 results and what 2022 has meant for us so far.

More capital stock, more repairs and new centres.

2022 is undoubtedly the year of surprises. Good surprises.

We start the year with a surprising success: our company has reached (and exceeded) the number of 500,000 vehicles repaired.

We have also become a Joint-Stock Company and have increased our capital stock to 3 million euros.

Our decision stems from a reorganisation to optimise production processes and, in general, to improve the company’s organisation.

Adequately meeting the needs of our customers and partners and ensuring a high degree of satisfaction for our stakeholders and the entire community with which we interact, is and will continue to be our main goal.

But there is more, much more, to discover.

Here you have more about the 2021 figures, which have enabled us to kick off this new year in the best possible way.

Vehicle repair


Lever Touch’s most important vehicle repair intervention in 2021 undoubtedly occurred in France.

Around 4,000 vehicles were repaired in an accident caused by blizzard in Le Havre, a small French city located in the south-eastern corner of the Pays de Caux region.

With a turnover of close to 200 vehicles per day and more than 160 employees dedicated to repairing this incident in record time, we managed to bring home a great success between November and December, celebrated with our loved ones during the Christmas holidays.

This figure, added to that run up by Storm Incidents, the Service Line entirely dedicated to weather damage to vehicles, brings us to almost 20,000 vehicles repaired in 8 different European countries.

In total, more than 27,000 vehicles repaired in 2021

Taking into account all our service lines (Storm Incidents, Insurer Partnerships, Manufacturer Support, Fleet Clients, Repair Shops and Old Timer), 2021 was a brilliant year for us: more than 27,000 repairs were made by our technicians.

Of particular note are the more than 2,000 repairs made in France through our agreements with the main car insurers.


Body Shop in Turin

The year 2021 also took us to Turin (Italy), where we assisted our insured clients while respecting 3 key principles:

  1. We sanitise each vehicle, before and after each repair job.
  2.  We ensure safe and secure contact with customers.
  3. We extend sanitation measures to all work areas.

In addition to the Drive-ins, in Italy we already have more than 400 workshops spread around the whole country and in Spain the network comprises around 450 workshops. These all allow us to offer our customers, companies and private individuals a fast service with SMART REPAIRS bodywork and paintwork repair techniques and trained and expert bodyworkers to repair small dents and hail -damaged cars.


Lever Touch is preparing the world premiere of a new repair centre: the Autoterminal Technical Centre by Lever Touch, the result of an agreement with Autoterminal, the “gateway to southern Europe”, a logistics platform which, for over 30 years, has been acting as an intermodal transport centre for vehicles throughout Spain and in the most important ports of the Mediterranean.

Some features of the new Centre:

– More than 5,000 m2 fully renovated.

– Latest technology in processing and repair services for large vehicle fleets.

– Repair, customisation, assembly, maintenance, mechanical and electronic services for import and export vehicles that pass through the terminal.

– Services for dealers, insurance companies, car fleets, and other proximity customers.

PDR technique: 100% eco-sustainable repairs.

And a list of its Areas:

– 6 Preparation Areas

– 4 Spot Repair boxes (Fast Repairs)

– 2 Paint boxes

– The first automatic painting machine in Spain.

Car hail damage repair…in Sicily?

The sun is shining brighter than ever for Lever Touch in the beautiful region of Sicily: it seems ridiculous to say, but we are there right now, busy repairing hail-damaged vehicles.

We never thought we would be in Sicily between January and February this year, but you should know by now: our core business is the unexpected!

We’ll tell you more later in the year…