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Car hail damage. Now what?

Hail damage to cars parked outside is on the rise

Vehicle damages do not always happen when you are behind the wheel. Sometimes they just fall from the sky, but also solutions can appear when and where you don’t expect it.

Climate change seems to have led us to a scenario in which accidents caused by this type of storms are becoming more and more worrying and frequent in many areas of the planet. This is due to its greater unpredictability and intensity. Furthermore, there’s a tendency of growth of the hail calibre.

Hail Dent Repair Specialists

Therefore, it seems unlikely that a car owner will ever have to resort to specialists in repairing damages caused by hail, and that insurance companies will not have to face a growing demand off this kind of repairs.

Lever Touch, highly specialised in hail, blizzard and industrial pollution incidents, and with long-established organizational capacity and technical solvency, has designed the perfect repair processes. We also mediate between insurers and policyholders, by reducing the costs and increasing clients’ satisfaction.

Discover the Lever Touch solution for automotive hail dent repair in this video.


How does the Lever Touch hail damage service work?

1) Submitting a claim

Our Contact Centres are prepared to take action on any incident caused by hail. We manage claims via telephone, web and email in cooperation with insurance companies, and arrange with the customer day, time and place of the repair.

2) Damage assessment and expertise

After receiving notification of the claim, an appointment is made by an expert appraisal in one of our service points. The technicians examine the damage, and confirm if the Paintless Dent Repair techniques or Smart Repair is the most suitable solution, setting a deadline for completion.

3) Management of the repair and communication with the insurance company

While our specialised technicians act on the car body, we provide the owner a courtesy car, with the possibility of delivery at home. We also manage claims with insurance companies, so that the customer can forget about paperwork or long administrative formalities.

In short, we take care of everything.

Contact a hail damage repair specialist

Our Contact Centers are permanently active in 3 countries:

Hail damage repair shop

Installation of service points with insurance companies in areas affected by hail

When the damage caused by hail has catastrophic dimensions and affects a massive number of vehicles, we create service points exactly where it took place. As leaders in complete response to weather events, we can provide coverage to a large number of cars through our mobile units.

The installation of these centres is done after agreement with insurance companies, as it happened this year in Spain, France and Italy, where we are repairing more than 10,000 cars.

No matter how strong the storm might have been, we will bring calm back.

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