The influence of climate changes on car repairs

In recent times, we have been witnessing the very fast evolution of the automotive market, whose main stimuli comes from the awareness and the need of the industry and their consumers to opt for environment-friendly solutions.

Below is an analysis of the main factors that have led to the latest changes in this sector.

The end of car ownerships

Owning a car has become less important.

The habits of drivers have undergone a transformation that probably will radically renew the sector; in a few years, we will have a totally new scenario, which by the way is already influencing the car repair mechanisms.

On the other hand, the culture of car sharing and car rental is spreading more and more rapidly.

Together with classic leasing contracts, these are the most important trends to face. Changes in the medium-term plans of any body shop is essential.

Technological developments

It is necessary to be prepared for those technological innovations that partially have already become reality, such as the use of electric and hybrid vehicles and of self-driving cars, which will be widespread over the next ten years.

Climate impact on vehicles damages

The analyses and forecasts of the insurance companies seem to confirm a trend already observed some years ago. The data indicate an increase in extreme weather phenomena due to climate changes.

Natural events, such as heat waves or heavy hailstorms, multiply the risk of damage to cars and will have a significant impact on repair management.

In the coming months, many accidents will test the ability of insurers and repair shops to cope with serious vehicle damages.

Give the three factors above, here are some of the consequences that will affect the automotive industry and that require a different response in repair services.

Vehicle damage caused by weather agents

Vehicle damage caused by weather agents

The vulnerability of our cars to certain weather events is evident. Hail causes dents and deformation of the bodywork. When the paint is damaged, the vehicle will face an aesthetic degradation and loss of market value, as well as sunrays and high temperatures will accelerate the loss of brightness and color tone.

Ecological car repairs

The need for more ecological and efficient repairs: the S.M.A.R.T. Repairs

The debate on the effects of the climate changes went hand in hand with the ecological awareness. The need to take care of the planet is unquestionable, and the car repair industry must accept the challenge.

In traditional workshops, engine combustion gases, as well as the paints and solvents, are problems that collide hard with the new changes.

Ecological spray booths are an example, and purely artisanal repair techniques, such as the PDR, not only represent a leap forward in terms of quality and speed, but also in terms of material resources savings, with minimal impact on the environment.

Repair areas and specific protocols

Creation of repair areas and specific protocols

In recent decades, among the processes of renewal of the automotive industry, aluminum has played a leading role.

The requirement to reduce the weight (and therefore the consumption) of vehicles, together with the consolidation of new standards of safety and efficiency and the incorporation of electric vehicles batteries, have led to a considerable use of this material.

The lightness of aluminum compared to steel lead to lighters and less polluting cars production. Another considerable advantage is the resistance of the aluminum to oxidation.

However, it should be mentioned that this material must always be separated from other areas of a workshop, in order to avoid corrosion problems.

In our Express Repair Centers, we have specific aluminum areas.

Lever Touch and the new scenario

Lever Touch and the new scenario

All the factors that have been mentioned, from the environmental requirements to changes in consumer preferences, are gaining importance day after day and show us a scenario that at first seemed very far away.

Successfully tackling the new context is a stimulating challenge for Lever Touch, whose philosophy is based on technological innovation combined with craftmanship.

This has led us to be world leaders in the repair of hail damage and allows us to provide solutions adapted to the new needs of the sector.

As always, our clients have nothing to fear: our team will be in step with the times at all times.