Privacy Policy for Candidates




We wish to inform You about our privacy policy for the protection of Your personal data provided by You and also kept by third parties. The process of them is carried out by our Company in the observance of the provisions of art.13 of the EU Regulations 2016/679 (so called GDPR) and provides the use of Your personal data for the carrying out of recruitment procedures, particularly for checking the fulfilment of engagenment requirements by You as candidate and/or for starting a collaboration with You, as You have applied for.

2. Personal data processed

In particular, the personal data processed are:

Name, address or other personal identification data, data about the job of the person concerned, social insurance data, the concerned person’s CV, also including his studies and job experiences.

3. Data considered to be “special”

On a possible exceptional basis, such as when because of the working relationship started with him, the concerned person is found as belonging to the working protected categories, other personal may be entered, falling, as the Law sets out, within the category of “special” data, which are for example meant for identifying the racial and ethnic origin of the concerned person, his religious, philosophical or other kinds of beliefs, his political opinions, his joining to a party, a trade union, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union kind; as well as the persnal data fit for revealing the state of health and the sexual life of the candidate.

Data supply is optional and deferred to the candidate’s will who, without any reminder by the Data Controller, submits his own Curriculum Vitae. As regards the data possibly later requested by the Data Controller, the failed supply of data causes the impossibility of proiding for checking the recruitment requirements, the engagement itself and/or the starting of the collaboration applied for, and then, the possible starting of a relationship with the Data Controller.

4. Policies of data use

Personal data can be processed, besides the help of electronic means, also by the help of non automated means, and the data processing is carried out only by operations, as well as by procedures and data organization ways, which are strictly necessary for the fulfilment of the above said obligations, tasks or purposes.

Data are normally collected from the concerned person.

5. Data circulation scope

Data can be used by personnel of the Data Controller who has been specifically appointed for that and who has been trained for carrying out the specific procedures required, in order to avoid losses, destruction, non authorized access or data processing not allowed by data themselves. Your personal data will be accessible only to those who, within the business organization, need them because of their role or hierarchical position.

Data can be used by other companies if they carry out instrumental activities on behalf of the Data Controller, they are external managers of data processing  and are subject to the direction and control of the Data Controller.

The updated list of the people responsible for data processing is available on request sent to

6. Non dissemination of data

Your personal data will not be transmitted to undetermined entities.

7. Transmission of data abroad

Your data will not be transmitted abroad.

8. Data retention period

Data will be kept for the time necessary for fulfilling all the procedures provided for the candidate recruitment and however not later than  two years after their collection, and the possible start of a working and/or collaboration relationship.

9. Consent not being necessary

Your consent to data processing is not necessary, since that data processing concerns data not contained in the currcula spontaneously transmitted by the concerned candidates, in order to possibly start a working/collaboration relationship. The same applies to the possible special data transmitted in the same ways by the candidate, for which the consent is not required according to art. 2-sexies, par.2, lett. dd) of the Legisl. Decree nr.196/2003, as subsequently amended and supplemented.

10. Data controller

The data controller is LEVER TOUCH S.r.l., having its registered office at Via F. Petrarca, 141 L – 80122 Naples.

11. Data Protection Officer

The company does not avail itself of a Data Protection Officer, since that its type of data processing does not necessarily require this position, according to art.37 of the GDPR.

12. Exercise of rights

At any time You can access Your personal data, You can ask for their correction or cancellation, or for limiting their processing in the cases provided by law, or You can refuse their use if there is a legitimate interest of the Data Controller, or You can exercise Your right to data portability, in the cases where it is allowed, as well as You can obtain the list of the people being responsible for data processing.

We also remind You that You are entitled to submit a complaint to the Supervisor for the protection of personal data, if You think that Your rights have not been respected or if that You have not received any answer to Your requests, according to the law.

13.Ways of exercising Your rights

You can send Your requests i writing, to