Repair Shops specialized in hail damages in Italy: the Lever Touch Smart Centers

Hail damages on cars? We introduce you our Workshops partners

Interviewing Renzo di Francesco, Head of Business Development for Lever Touch Italia

Repair Shops specialized in hail damages in Italy: the Lever Touch Smart Centers

This summer, hail has caused extensive damages in various regions of northern Italy, such as Lombardy, Veneto, and Piedmont.

We, as always, have many tricks up our sleeve. 

This is our chance to introduce you the Lever Touch Smart Centers: auto repair shops that work alongside us during the whole hail season, making their spaces available for the repair of hailed cars and giving us the possibility to assist every customer on the Italian territory.

Repair Shops specialized in hail damages in Italy: the Lever Touch Smart Centers

None of us can give a better point of view than the one who, in the last few months, has worked hard to spread the presence of our shield all over the “boot”. He is the guardian of the aforementioned “aces up our sleeve” and the one who made the 400 car repair workshops network possible.

Renzo Di Francesco, Business Development Manager of Lever Touch Italia, tells us in detail about the strategy.


An extensive capillarity: how did you reach the collaboration with more than 400 car repair shops all over Italy?

Lever Touch sales managers assiduously and constantly visit body shops in their assigned area, to identify the best partners for the repair of hail damage on cars.

Thanks to this important network, we are able to identify those structures that can best offer the services needed to manage the hail emergency.

The collaboration between Lever Touch and the Smart Centers is fed, then, by many moments of meeting and sharing, which allow us to arrive at the climax – the hail season – prepared to handle any eventuality.

In order to give a quick and efficient service to our customers and Lever Touch Smart Centers, we have identified HUBs for Drive-in management. When it comes to dealing with hail, space is an essential requirement and thanks to the Drive-ins, where a large number of vehicles are conveyed, Lever Touch is able both to promptly welcome its customers and to support the Smart Centers, which in this way are able to significantly increase their production capacity.

Auto repair is always guaranteed.

Repair Shops specialized in hail damages in Italy: the Lever Touch Smart Centers

“Special” Repair Shops: what should customers expect when you talk about “Hubs” and “Drive-ins”?

I’m referring to the ability to give quick answers to a very strong need. Our customers know that Lever Touch, thanks to its history of being the preferred partner of car manufacturers, is able to manage the repair of hail damage on cars, even in considerable quantities, with speed, efficiency and organization.

Thanks to our 25 Hubs distributed in neuralgic points of the national territory we are able to be immediately operative already in the first hours after a hail event, carrying out the first phases of damage assessment and, subsequently, removing dents with the “cold” repair known as PDR technique (an ecological repair that is part of the Smart Repairs, Small to Medium Area Repair Technology).

Without a doubt, this is the best way to remove car dents while keeping intact the value of the vehicle.

You are so close to the 500,000 milestone of cars repaired worldwide.

Despite Covid, the results have been outstanding. Despite the obstacles of the coronavirus, how has the relationship with clients been maintained?

Our service offers have grown steadily over time, and even during the Covid period we have continued to invest in what we consider one of the essential pillars of continuous improvement: training.

With the Lever Touch Academy, we have made the expertise of highly qualified professionals available to customers and partners. We’re talking about the so-called “levabolli”, PDR technicians who specialize during a training course, prepared ad hoc for them in our Academy.

But training, for us, is 360° and involves all sectors of our company, with the aim of offering the best possible service. This means constantly reviewing processes, procedures and IT systems and, above all, investing in what is Lever Touch’s most important factor: people.

We can conclude by saying, without being mistaken, that proximity is the key point of the solution to hail damage in Italy.

Why do you think this is the best way to “pamper” partners?

Dealers, Fleets, and Insurances – evaluate and choose us for our ability to respond quickly to their requests.

Let’s take an example. When a hail event occurred in mid-July in Northern Italy, all our customers asked us for immediate intervention in various provinces, and the work we did in involving over 400 body shops allowed us to provide immediate service close to their end customers.

The result? Cars restored to new, customers satisfied, and Lever Touch Smart Centers enriched with work.

Mission accomplished. And now…it’s time to handle with the next hailstorm. 


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Repair Shops specialized in hail damages in Italy: the Lever Touch Smart Centers