Lever Touch report: 2019 hail season and latest news of 2020

What happened in 2019 confirmed the predicted trend in terms of hail and blizzard storms. The economic damage caused by this phenomena were extraordinary, according to data provided by the reinsurer Munich Re, which also states that many other climatic factors contributed to considerable damages in various parts of the world.

Climate change and its effects continue to present a highly unpredictable scenario. A circumstance that, as far as vehicles are concerned, requires repair centers and insurance companies to be always prepared to provide an immediate and solvent response.

A record year for Lever Touch

2019 represented a real challenge for our group. As we said, this is largely due to the violence of the climate events that occurred throughout Europe and around the world, which led us to repair more than 63,000 cars. A stress test that was duly passed and that shows the strength of our organization, processes and systems.

Lever Touch report: 2019 hail season and latest news of 2020

In Brazil, we faced the biggest challenge of the year: up to 22,748 vehicles in less than 2 and a half months were impeccably repaired by our technicians.

Plus, through our line of service called “Insurer Partnerships”, we supported Insurance companies in repairing damages to their policyholders’ vehicles. With 52 operations, we made more than 4,300 customers highly satisfied of our repair capabilities.

How have we managed to achieve these figures?

It is the loyalty to our philosophy that allowed us to successfully manage this high volume of operations. 

The values of our company, i.e. our Customer Orientation, our strong Commitment, the Credibility achieved and the Enthusiasm were present in every operation, in every repair and in every vehicle that has passed through our hands. 

Maintaining this level of excellence requires the constant training of new technicians; an aspect that, as always, will continue to be treated and developed by our Lever Touch Academy.

Lever Touch, a global company

Lever Touch report: 2019 hail season and latest news of 2020In order to bring our work closer to all the customers around the world, in the first half of 2019 we established a new branch: Lever Touch do Brasil. Located in Curitiba, our new branch joins Lever Touch Argentina to strengthen the presence and capacity of our company in Latin America, representing a new step towards global coverage.

Lever Touch 2020

Many challenges have already been overcome, but many others are on the horizon. Lever Touch faces 2020 with new recruits, more experience, a greater coverage and the same strong willingness to support manufacturers, Insurance companies, fleets and private clients. 

If there’s one sure thing, it’s that hailstorms will once again manifest with great intensity. 

And Lever Touch, as always, will be the calm after the storm.