The impact of summer hailstorms on the automotive compartment and Lever Touch solutions

With the summer, the automotive sector faces an increase in extreme weather phenomena such as hailstorms, which can cause serious damage to vehicles. Lever Touch, the world leader in Car Repair, offers an effective answer to vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, car rental companies and large dealerships to make the damage repair process faster and less costly. Using advanced technologies such as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), Lever Touch not only preserves the aesthetics of vehicles, but also ensures environmentally sustainable practices.

Summer hail: if you don’t avoid it, you can always rely on Lever Touch

With summer come not only the expected heat waves, but also an increasing frequency of hailstorms, which are becoming more intense and unpredictable. These extreme phenomena are hitting the automotive sector hard, posing a serious challenge for manufacturers, insurance companies, car rental companies and car dealers. Moreover, as hailstorms make their way through conventional barriers, causing more and more serious damage, Lever Touch is a reliable partner in supporting its major customers in dealing effectively and quickly with this type of emergency.

A business model that combines technology and specialised skilled workers

In a context where hail damage is becoming more frequent and severe, Lever Touch offers specialised hail damage repair services through state-of-the-art technologies such as paintless dent repair (PDR). This method not only keeps the vehicle’s original paintwork intact, but is also ecologically sustainable, avoiding the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. All this is expressed in a business model that integrates advanced technology, top-level professional skills and an extensive understanding of market needs. The company’s mission is clear: to provide peace of mind to its customers, despite unforeseen events and adversity. In this respect, Lever Touch is the best possible partner in the field of automotive repair.

Fast intervention and consistently excellent quality standards

Lever Touch, with its extensive network of specialised technicians, intervenes promptly anywhere in the world to guarantee major customers fast repairs to a high standard, minimising the effects of vehicle downtime in the business process. Indeed, it should not be forgotten that for car manufacturers, vehicle renters and dealers, hail damage constitutes a serious financial and operational risk. Not surprisingly, Lever Touch provides its expertise to mitigate these effects. In addition, close partnerships with insurance companies are another strength of Lever Touch. The company offers comprehensive claims management including damage assessment, repair and documentation for insurance claims. This service, aimed at insurance companies, is part of a broader approach that demonstrates Lever Touch’s ability to handle large volumes of repairs, efficiently and in accordance with the high levels of quality required.

Finally, the global dimension of Lever Touch, through its presence in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and the United States, and its commitment to sharing and enhancing the know-how of its highly qualified technicians, demonstrate how innovation can go hand in hand with traditional craftsmanship, offering services on an industrial scale in compliance with high quality standards along the entire value chain.