Storm incidents – Massive repair of vehicles damaged by hail for automotive companies

Car companies usually use to store their vehicles in open-air facilities. This exposes them to climatic events that can damage the sheet, the paint, the bodywork and even the interiors.

The impact of these phenomena on vehicles might be devastating, especially if we’re talking about hail storms made by big hails (they can be as large as a half dollar, but also like a baseball). This provokes a great economic impact for the companies: on one hand, they must face the repairs costs and on the other, they will be obliged to assume a depreciation of the damaged vehicles.
We have been working in this sector since 1998; nowadays, we are considered as a valuable partner for companies which have to face hail storm incidents. When it happens, we go where the catastrophe has taken place and repair an enormous amount of vehicles in a minimum lapse of time.

In addition, we offer complete recovery of vehicles through non-invasive repair techniques that restore them to their factory condition, which means that the original value remains unchanged and the overall cost of repair is limited.
Below we explain in details some of the keys of our specialized service, which have led us to gain the trust of the main carmakers.

Our long lasting experience in hails’ claims

Lever Touch’s interventions in great hail storm, blizzards and industrial pollution catastrophes can be counted in the hundreds, as well as the vehicles, whose damages and dents have been repaired by our technicians. We have deployed operations in more than twenty countries and faced the most diverse conditions, which have allowed us to become real experts. We are about to reach the goal of 500,000 fixed repaired vehicles cars.

Storm incidents - Massive repair of vehicles damaged by hail for automotive companies

Our ability to move to any part of the world in the shortest time

With a loss of this magnitude, it’s recommended to operate where the incident has taken place, since the massive displacement of damaged vehicles can be very expensive. Our ability to act fast and our efficiency in managing these events allows us to launch an operation in less than 48 hours. During this time, we install on the site and deploy the required resources in order to immediately start the repair process work.

Our efficiency makes us work simultaneously on a large amount of vehicles

It is essential to optimize the activity of our technicians in the shortest time. All our experience demonstrates that we improved all the processes in order to act simultaneously on a high number of vehicles and in several different operations, without affecting the quality of the results.

Before tackling any repairs, our technicians ensure the complete protection of the elements that every car is composed of. Especially in new and used cars, the result must be perfect: they must return to their factory state. In order to reach these results, a strict follow-up of the standards is set by each manufacturer for each stage of repair mode, and we respect all of them with a specific control area, where a strict quality control of the repair performed is carried out.

To monitor each phase of the process, Lever Touch also has its own digital tools, developed through the IT Solutions department.

Storm incidents - Massive repair of vehicles damaged by hail for automotive companies

Expertise of our technicians

All this technology and deployment of resources alone could not work, it needs an essential component: top quality technicians.
That is why we have continuous training programs in repair techniques in periods of low activity, and we have an own structure where we train new candidates, the Lever Touch Academy.

Fast and non-invasive repair techniques

Compared with the relative slowness of traditional dent repair systems, our Paintless Dent Repair techniques solve bodywork damage with exceptional speed, up to five times faster than following processes that require sanding, the application of putty and paint, and the final process of drying and polishing of vehicles. In addition, this technique makes the repaired panel sheet return to its original state, which means that the vehicle does not lose its original value, a relevant advantage for companies.

All these characteristics explain, to a large extent, the ability of Lever Touch in managing massive repairs of vehicles automobiles damaged by hail, but surely it will be useful to have a clearer picture of our process job with some significant information about one of our biggest operations:

Storm incidents - Massive repair of vehicles damaged by hail for automotive companies