Reflections by Giovanni Liccardo, CEO of Lever Touch

Dear reader,

2020 has without a doubt been a hard year for all of us. The current situation has turned the whole world on end: But not only have we adapted to these new changes, we’ve even been forced to reinvent ourselves, defending our sector, the automotive world, in any way we could.

What has 2020 taught us?
If I had to choose three things, I would definitely say that this year has reminded me of my intense passion for my work, the beauty of freedom of movement and, most importantly, the importance of family.

It is precisely in this last point that we at Lever Touch have come to understand, this year more than ever, that the value of family is incomparable.

Our team has met its objectives, faced hard challenges and come out ahead despite negative expectations. We’ve brought excellent results back home, as usual.

Now the time has come to leave 2020 behind us and begin a new year. It’s now or never: SNOW OR NEVER.

My best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Giovanni Liccardo