Removing dents from your car: why you should never consider trying to do it yourself

Trying to remove dents from your car at home for free is a temptation when you find unexpected damages in your vehicle. Hail impacts or parking damages are just two examples of the many things that can cause dents in a vehicle.

Keep in mind that, beyond aesthetics, removing dents from your car is especially important from a functional point of view. In addition to the appearance of the bodywork, dents can compromise the functionality of the vehicle.

Let’s take a look at some of the tricks people use to try to remove dents from their cars at home for free and why it is better to seek professional help.

The most common DIY methods for removing dents from a car

There are two main techniques. The first one is to apply heat to the dent using, for example, a hairdryer, and pushing the dent from the inside to correct its shape. This, of course, can only be done if the area can be accessed from the inside.

The second method consists of pulling the dent out with a suction cup. As with the previous technique, heat is applied to the damaged area to avoid damaging the paint layer on the vehicle, but in this case the heat is applied by means of hot water. This is supposed to prevent the paint from cracking or being further damaged.

In any case, to what extent can satisfactory results be achieved without the intervention of an expert?

Why resort to us: The NAP Express Repair Center and the BCN Express Repair Center, our repair shops in Italy and Spain

We have said it: a dent can also affect the functionality of a vehicle, especially fuel consumption and stability.

That is why a vehicle needs to be repaired the right way.

As a matter of fact, a poor treatment of the paint layer usually causes further damages, which eventually will require more expensive and time-consuming repairs.

In our Express Repair Centers located in Spain (Barcelona) and Italy (Caserta), we use special techniques to repair dents efficiently and in the shortest possible time. Those techniques are called SMART Repairs and they have been developed to offer quicker solutions with flawless results.

PDR techniques (or Paintless Dent Repair techniques), an essential part of Smart Repairs, have been used in our workshops from the very beginning. Our team is made up of PDR experts that are able to fix dents without previously dismantling or repainting vehicles, working on the dents from the inside out.

We also use hot-melt adhesives when the use of levers/rods is not the best solution, or magnetic induction, in cases where the steel of a panel has been weakened or stretched by the impact.

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In addition, we have a network of repair shops (Lever Touch Smart Centers) distributed throughout Italy and Spain, which you can call in the event of damage to your vehicle with all the guarantee offered by the Paintless Dent Removal techniques.

If you decide to opt for the best professional solution to remove the dents from your vehicle in the fastest and most effective way, do not hesitate to contact us.