A new concept in auto repair arrives in Spain - Lever Touch

A new concept in auto repair arrives in Spain

Lever Touch keeps growing and increasing its services. This time, our constant reaching out to our clients with personalised services brings us to Barcelona, where soon we will be opening a new repair shop.

The facilities of this innovative center in Spain cover more than 3,000 square meters, and are designed to provide a specialised Smart Repairs service. Our intention is to develop a repair center with two basic aims: to save our clients time and to save our clients money.


Smart repairs in less than 24 hours

While the first commitment of our repair shop is with quality, the second one is with speed. We are aware that the owner of a damaged car is seriously affected by each hour that his car spends at the repair shop. For that reason, we offer an extraordinarily fast response in bodywork repairs, painting, general maintenance, tire changes, and small mechanic repairs, returning the car to its owner in perfect condition in less than 24 hours.

A center specialized in PDR techniques

Naturally, our new repair shop will offer PDR repairs, a group of techniques that are mastered by our experts at Lever Touch. The Paintless Dent Repair system is used to fix hail dents and other weather-related damages using a non-invasive approach. Besides requiring one fifth of the time needed for conventional repairs, PDR makes it possible for the body of a car to recover its original condition, without affecting the body paint and, therefore, maintaining the value of the vehicle.

The Lever Touch Barcelona Center is born, therefore, with the goal to become a PDR repair reference in the city and its surrounding areas.

Services for fleets, insurance companies, and also individual owners

On the other hand, the international experience we have gained makes it possible for us to provide a valuable support to insurance companies. Through our repair shop in Barcelona, Lever Touch will offer its Insurer Partnership service for companies to deal with weather-related damages and to benefit from the efficiency of our technical resources. Besides, we will offer different mobility alternatives, including picking up the vehicles and returning them once they have been fixed.

We also offer our capabilities to vehicle fleets, because we know that optimization is vital for the profitability of any business. We are used to working with large numbers of automobiles, and we know how to shorten delivery times to a minimum. Therefore, any vehicle fleet -whether it belongs to a car rental company or to a dealership-, will have in the Lever Touch Barcelona Center its best ally.To that effect, our activities include a thorough repair of the interior and the exterior of the vehicles appointedpos to remarketing. When you intend to reintroduce an automobile in the market, it is not a good idea to resort to dubious practices that could compromise its residual value.

Finally, private car owners in the Barcelona province will also be able to come to our repair center, and benefit from top quality services that usually are only available for big companies.

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A quality according to our artisanal work philosophy

At Lever Touch we like to say that we are auto repair artisans, and the results we achieve in our work reflect the care we use when we work with each vehicle.

The flexibility of our operation expedites communication and cooperation with insurance companies, and the quality levels we have reached led the best auto brands to trust Lever Touch. Our work offers the same warranties as the automakers, and we have an ISO certification that proves the suitability of our structure and practices.

Technicians trained in Smart Repairs and quality protocols

Finally, our growing need of technicians trained to work within our quality standards, and proficient in the latest repair techniques, has decided us to add a special training space to our Barcelona repair center, the Lever Touch Academy. We are aware that the excellence of our work depends on the skills of our technicians, and that is something that we need to strive for at all times.

All this is part of a new working methodology we want to develop. Lever Touch settles in Barcelona with the intention of providing services to fleets and insurance companies, but also, naturally, to help private car owners to have their vehicles with small damages or malfunctions fixed quickly, avoiding long waits and the resulting inconveniences. Our goal, we stress, is clear: we do not want our customers to lose their time or money unnecessarily.

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