Hail damage repairs in 2020: Lever Touch record-breaking interventions during an atypical season

Extreme weather events can have devastating effects on vehicles, especially when we talk about hail

If we consider that more than 75% of stock vehicles (including new and used ones) are kept outdoors (even more if you include private vehicles), we will start to understand the magnitude of the problems caused just by hailstones. 

Let’s keep in mind that hailstones might range from the size of a coin to the size of a baseball. The bigger sizes often result in claims involving large numbers of vehicles. In these situations, mobility and immediate response are critical.

Reparación de daños por granizo Hail damage repair Hagelschadenreparatur Riparazione danni da grandine Réparation des dommages causés par la grêle
Source: Lever Touch – Mapping of 2020 hailstorms around the world

Hailstorms in Italy and Spain

Hail damage repair

However, in the current climate change scenario, forecasting extreme weather events is becoming increasingly complicated, as proved by the latest hailstorms that hit southern Spain, where there was a hailstorm in Malaga in February, not a very usual time for hail in the area.

Beyond those few out-of-season cases, we find that, if we exclude Italy, there have been no “extraordinary” hailstorms during 2020. As a matter of fact, there has been a remarkable absence of great hailstorms in Latin America, especially in Brazil. 

During 2020, therefore, the main presence of Lever Touch has been concentrated in northern Italy, where we have conquered a territory of 100 km, between Arena Po, Lonato and Castiglione delle Stiviere. In southern Spain our focus was on Cordoba and Ciudad Real.

The uncommon behavior that climate has shown during the 2020 season makes it clear how important is to have a specialized team

That is the case with Lever Touch. On one hand, we have a team that is constantly surveying hailstorms all over the world, on the other, we have a great group of specialized technicians that can carry out vehicle repairs in our own workshops, in our partners’ repair shops, or anywhere in the world through mobile operations.

The results? Record-breaking repair times, despite unpredictable seasons or any unexpectedly large numbers of vehicles that might need to be fixed. 

Paintless dent repairs: Discover the support of our Express Repair Centers

Reparación de daños por granizo Hail damage repair Hagelschadenreparatur Riparazione danni da grandine Réparation des dommages causés par la grêle

Hail damage repairs in Barcelona and Caserta, where Lever Touch workshops are located, is based on a key concept: express repairs, which are made possible thanks to the so-called SMART Repairs (Small Medium Area Repair Technology).

The undisputed protagonist of this repair concept is the lever (or rod). used to remove dents by softly pushing them from the inside. 

Being a paintless repair technique, it makes it possible to achieve results in a very short time: in less than five hours, clients can have their vehicles back.

It is thanks to this extraordinary approach that we are able to deal with major extreme weather events like hailstorms, and as a result we are very close to the 500,000 repaired vehicles mark.

The figures of vehicles fixed by LT after the 2020 hailstorms in Spain and Italy speak for themselves. 

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