Lever Touch, premium sponsor of Faconauto 2024: “We offer coverage to dealerships so they can respond promptly and provide high-quality services and assurances to their customers in case of a weather-related incident”

14 February 2024

The partner of car professionals has already confirmed its attendance at the annual grand event of the association of dealerships, Faconauto 2024, on 5 and 6 March.

In just a few weeks, the IFEMA Palacio Municipal in Madrid will bring together nearly 2,000 professionals and industry experts to discuss the upcoming challenges and opportunities facing dealership networks, under the umbrella of Faconauto 2024, the largest official automotive and distribution fair in Spain.

This great event will also feature over 70 collaborating companies that, through their added value, want to show their support and engagement with one of the largest industries in our country. Among them is Lever Touch, the company that offers the most innovative solutions in the automotive sector, through the most qualified personnel and the most advanced repair techniques.

In this edition, attendees will bear witness to a veritable #Re_Evolution, this year’s slogan and underlying theme for all the activities, which will be supplemented by a full panel of national and international professionals.A #Re_Evolution that undoubtedly brings with it a series of challenges:“To keep fighting climate change by promoting electric vehicles, with measures that encourage the purchase of these vehicles and help to improve the charging infrastructure; deal with the effect that the scarcity of natural resources has on production, or the impact of climate events on transport infrastructure and the supply chain”. This is what they say at Lever Touch.

Dealerships will have to be able to adapt to this change, which “already affects the workplaces and the health of employees, the after-sale activity, and a change in the demand for repair services linked to weather-related and environmental events that require specialised resources and new repair processes”, they added.


The partner of the automotive industry presents itself as one of the European leaders in repairing vehicles damaged by weather-related and environmental incidents. In this area, it supports dealerships with repairing the vehicles in their fleets affected by these events.

In 2023 in Spain alone, Lever Touch repaired almost 25,000 vehicles damaged by hail, wind storms and environmental pollution, and it did so in record time so they could be put on sale as soon as possible, while providing coverage to dealerships so they can respond promptly and provide high-quality services and assurances to their customers in case their already-registered vehicles are also damaged by these incidents.

The goal of Lever Touch’s value proposition is to expand the scope of the business and the competitiveness of dealerships by making available to them its technical resources and facilities, and the Smart Repair techniques used by the company in these claims, in fleet repair and in refurbishing used vehicles.

They conclude, “our recently-signed collaboration agreement with Monlau Corporate will allow us to develop new talent specialising in Smart Repair techniques, and especially PDR (Paintless Dent Repair), which will enhance the market with new after-sales personnel”.
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