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The value contributed by the services of the Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch to the automotive market.

With over 5,000 m2 set aside for vehicle repair and maintenance, the Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch was opened in March 2022 in the Port of Barcelona.

Ever since, Lever Touch has been offering its services to manufacturers, insurance companies, dealership groups, garages and fleets, and dedicates its efforts to vehicle repair and maintenance, and to customising its services to all the company’s customers.

More than 33,734 repairs in the first year of operation, a figure that equates to 90 vehicles worked on per day

These figures, indicative of the project’s success in its first year, are a sign of the know-how of Lever Touch. Specifically, these figures represent 4,655 bodywork and mechanical repairs; 22,672 personalised configurations; 820 manufacturer support operations, and 5,587 repairs to vehicles affected by hail and other environmental incidents.

The sea and land connectivity of the Port of Barcelona with the areas where national and international customers operate has undoubtedly been key to achieving these results. The facilities are connected by rail with the country’s main logistics hubs, and by sea with the Balearic Islands, Mediterranean countries and the rest of the world.

Multiple areas, one goal

In an effort to be the ideal partner for its customers, the Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch divides its facilities into different areas: five panel preparation areas, four Spot Repair boxes and three painting cabins, one of them XL in size. In fact, it has the first fully automated paint mixer in Spain, a tool that allows for greater precision by reducing times and costs.

Bodywork provides customised services and refurbishes used vehicles based on the customer type, such as vinyl signage on vehicles.

Then there are the Quality Control and Electric Vehicles areas. In the former, specialised professionals inspect the units repaired and monitor the complete system in the case of mechanical, bodywork and paint repairs, assemblies, and PDR & Storm Incidents repairs.

With regard to the maintenance service, the Electric Vehicles Area caters in particular to the repair and maintenance of electric vehicles, and has professionals who are approved and certified by Monlau.

The White Room, the latest addition to the Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch

In June 2023, the new photo booth, “The White Room”, joined the list of services on offer with the idea of reducing the days to turn of cars, which is essential to the profitability of used vehicle transactions.

The space has a 90 m2 recording studio with a rotating platform synchronised with the photographic equipment and able to operate automatically to take a 360º photo shoot, and equipment to take a 360º, panoramic inside view.

The variety of services that can be offered to customers, and their characteristics, which make it suitable for online technical training sessions, presentations and product demonstrations, among others, make it an area suitable for a 360º remarketing service: from the reconditioning of used vehicles to publication online for sale.

In short, the Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch makes us the ideal strategic partner for customers with operations nationally and abroad that are looking for a supplier that guarantees maritime and land connectivity with its areas of operation. 

Autoterminal Technical Center by Lever Touch
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