How to get a dent out
of a car with magnetic induction

Paintless Dent Repair

Magnetic induction

This type of repair, which is another PDR technique, represents the perfect solution for vehicle panels weakened by severe impacts. The panel regains its original rigidity through a controlled manipulation of the temperature on the damaged area.

How dents are removed from a vehicle with magnetic induction

The application of electromagnetic induction directly on the affected site increases the temperature of the sheet metal, so that when it cools, it recovers its initial rigidity.

Over time, this technique has been perfected, and new devices that apply magnetic induction in a very controlled manner have been developed. These devices ensure that just the right temperature is reached for the removal of dents.

The repair is completed by cooling the surface with cooling gases.


Fast dent removal on cars: less than 24 hours (20% to 50% faster than a traditional repair)

No body filler necessary.

Reduced costs.


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) improves Customer Satisfaction: cars return to their original state in a few hours.

Our dent repair service with magnetic induction

At Lever Touch, we are pioneers in the use of the PDR techniques, and we work with the best tools on the market. Our PDR technicians are constantly trained by our team, so that they can correctly use tools such as magnetic induction, which requires delicacy and precision. The talent and skill of our professionals is demonstrated by more than 500,000 vehicles we have repaired in 24 countries around the world.

Remove dents car

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Removing dents by means of thermo-induction is a technique that has only recently become part of PDR technicians world (experienced vehicle repairers specialized in removing dents). It is used for vehicle maintenance, as well as for removal of small and large dents.

Along with levers and hot melt adhesives, it’s part of the Paintless Dent Repair techniques.

Yes: depending on its size, hail can cause small bumps or more significant damages to a vehicle’s sheet metal.

In these cases, the PDR technicians choose electromagnetic induction, so they can remove the dents and restore the panel to its original state, without having to repaint it.

We use an induction machine, consisting of a control box and a terminal that allows us to apply heat to the dented panel to flatten it, until it regains its initial state.

For more serious damages, it may be necessary to apply heat several times for the technique to take effect.

No, none. Electromagnetic induction is completely safe and requires only minimal, superficial contact with your vehicle.

You won’t even need to disassemble the damaged area.

It will depend on the size of the damage and how badly the paint is affected.

Our technicians specialized in Paintless Dent Repairs have extensive experience repairing dents on all types of vehicles and have all the necessary tools to use the magnetic induction or the most appropriate PDR techniques for the case.

At our BCN Express Repair Center and NAP Express Repair Center (Repair Shops that have the necessary equipment to apply PDR techniques), we will advise you on the best way to repair quickly and economically your vehicle’s sheet metal.

We also offer integral vehicle maintenance and repair services.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you.

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