2017: a year to remember and to gain momentum

With only a few days until the end of the year, at Lever Touch it is the time to draw conclusions and to look to the immediate future with ambition and optimism. The work performed until now gives us excellent prospects and lets us face the new year from a position of solidity and growth.

The sector has an increasing need of services

The year that is ending has confirmed the continuity of a tendency -a reality for some time now-, related to the incidence of hail and its effects on the statistics about damages on vehicles.

A close monitoring of the evolution of meteorology becomes obviously necessary. According to the information provided by the NOAA National Weather Service, the number of severe hailstorms in the U.S. during 2017 has already surpassed the records of the previous year At this point, it seems clear that this is not to be considered a sporadic phenomenon, but the effect of the climatic change, a reality more easily confirmed each passing day.

The numbers show our progression

Thus, the services provided by Lever Touch had to face a particularly agitated summer. It has been necessary to deal with damages caused by highly unpredictable storms, which after hitting the United States, moved to the South and East of Europe, and affected considerably certain points of Germany, Spain, Austria, and Turkey.

We have shown response capacity, efficiency, and speed. All that activity developed on a global scale is shown in the numbers:


Up to now, Lever Touch has worked on almost 345,000 automobiles, in 22 countries and three continents, with a record of 250 great operations, applying our technical skills to satisfy the needs of our clients and to consolidate the prestige of our brand, which is also endorsed by the work that Lever Touch has performed for the main Auto Groups (manufacturers) like VW Group, PSA-Opel, MB, JLR, or by the agreements with insurance companies like Zurich, Axa, HDI o Generali.

In 2017, the 31,513 vehicles handled before the end of August already exceeded the numbers registered during all 2016. We have had up to 300 technicians working simultaneously, and the big operations have lasted an average of 25 days, each one of them handling on average 3,300 vehicles.

New prospects and guidelines for 2018

Nápoles (Italia)
The strategic meeting that took place in Naples, last November, included the representatives of all our branches and laid the foundations to meet the next challenges for the company in its Growth Plan 2025..

One of the main acciona is, of course, the opening and launching of our office in Miami, to provide coverage against damages caused by the intense activity of hailstorms over the U.S territory.

We know that to expand our services keeping at the same time he highest levels of quality and professionalism is not easy. For that reason we have consolidated our presence in Europe by hiring experienced professionals that will strengthen our capacity in all areas:

New Additions
Likewise, we are aware that promoting the continuous formation of our technical staff is of the utmost importance to face the challenges of the next years. At the Lever Touch Academy, we are planning to provide formation to 25 new technicians for the season 2018. They will benefit from our vast knowledge and experience, and with their contribution our resources will expand and grow stronger.

The other aspect that we will reinforce in the immediate future is equally necessary: digitalization and presence on the internet.

For a company like ours, it was vital to have a modern and dynamic web site, showing an image according to our profile. In 2018, the almost infinite possibilities of the virtual space and, specially, the development and presentation of the company through the most active and influential social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), will give a new impulse to the services provided by Lever Touch, and to the weight and reputation of its brand.

In short, we cannot predict exactly how are the 2018 hail catastrophes going to be, but what we do know is that we will be ready to come to the service of our customers wherever they need us.