Twenty-eight years of experience in large-scale techniques for car repair and maintenance

The next challenge: zero environmental impact, total digitalisation and in-house training for specialised skilled operators

Alternative and eco-friendly techniques, advanced staff training in our Academy and cutting-edge digitalization.

These are the new Lever Touch’s projects, an Italian company specializing in car repair and maintenance.

With more than 28 years of experience, Lever Touch, in addition to its headquarters in Italy, has 6 branches: 3 in Europe (Spain, France and Germany) and 3 in America (United States, Argentina and Brazil): in this way, we can always guarantee worldwide operations.

Plus, the presence on the European territory is strengthened by the network of Lever Touch Smart Centers: to date, there are more than 1,400 facilities around the world that use Lever Touch technology, making the company always ready to assist the Customer for any type of need.

Lever Touch’s company is expert in express repairs, carried out both in its Direct Centers and in its Partners body shops, thanks to artisanal techniques applied on a large scale together with a deep knowledge of the SMART Repairs (techniques that speed up car repair processes). Passion, skill, and talent are the basic ingredients that are used in the repair interventions for private Clients, fleet owners, insurance companies and automotive industries.

Assistance for the entire vehicle life cycle

The core business of Lever Touch has always been the assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle: from the factory production stage, to its transportation and distribution to logistics parks, to dealerships, to the end Customer or for fleet use and finally, when the stage of wear appears, Lever Touch offers all maintenance and repair services from bodywork, painting, mechanical and electronic interventions.

A 360-degree process, made possible thanks to the 6 service lines, each dedicated to a specific type of Customer: automotive industry, insurance companies, logistics operators, fleets, individuals retail, body shops and dealers.

Express repairs and state-of-the-art techniques

The strength of Lever Touch has always been the speed of intervention, made possible by the Express Repair Centers in Italy and Spain and high skilled technicians who, with special PDR techniques (Paintless Dent Repairs), “massage” the car through the use of special levers that allow to remove dents from the surfaces of a vehicle.

In recent years, this industry has witnessed the emergence of innovative techniques that allow for the elimination of more extensive damages.

The Paintless Dent Repair is a technique with 0 environmental impact, 100% sustainable as it does not require the use of paint or other elements harmful to the environment since it’s based solely on the skill and talent of operators. This technique is part of the SMART Repairs (acronym for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology), which allows us to offer a quicker solution, less expensive and with higher superior quality than traditional techniques. The most common damages we fix with Smart Repairs are scratches, dents, damages to bumpers or tire rims, and interiors recovery.

During 2020, Lever Touch kicked off a total digitalization which will be completed in the next five years and will bring profound changes in several areas of the company, from accounting to digitized contracts and repair management, to connection with our Customers and Partners. A guaranteed innovation through the IT Solutions department, with the most innovative tools and technologies in the industry.

Express Repair Centers

More than 10,000 m2 of speed and efficiency

Lever Touch Body Shops offer complete repairs in record time, thanks to two key points: state-of-the-art tools and highly trained staff.

The Express Repair Centers are equipped with PDR repair areas, express repair lines, digital calibration areas, fast paint booths and many other tools, allowing Lever Touch to become an international benchmark in the automotive industry.

The key concept is always speed: every vehicle is repaired in less than 24/48 hours.

Investing in talent: Lever Touch Academy

The Lever Touch Academy is an in-house and remunerated training school, able to transfer the knowledge of this specific craftsmanship, ensuring the learning of an exclusive skill, which nowadays is among the most requested of the sector.

Through its Academy, the company aims to train new PDR technicians, as well as mechanics and other highly specialized professionals: a talented human capital, one of the most important assets within the company, able to provide effective and timely assistance to Customers anywhere in the world.

Record numbers

At the end of 2021, Lever Touch boasted more than 500,000 repairs in 24 countries. Despite the traveling limitations caused by the health issues, these numbers are destined to rise: Lever Touch is a company in continuous growth and ready to take on new challenges, to become the undisputed leader in this sector and the partner of the best professionals in the automotive industry.