What is an Express Repair Center and what makes it a different repair shop

Lever Touch’s business has been and continues to be built on customers’ needs. Real needs that require real solutions, and which have inspired and driven us to develop a different repair shop concept: the Express Repair Center.

We have worked on this difference based on dedicated customer service which includes providing transparent and immediate information; but also, and above all, by focusing on the main problem the vehicle owner encounters when visiting a repair shop: the time it will take before the car is ready.

Express Repair Center: time, space, speed and quality

Nobody doubts that time is both a scarce and a valuable asset. It is also essential when it comes to vehicle repairs, and this is why we have based the idea of the Express Repair Center around it. To describe our process we have related three other factors to this time factor: space, speed and quality:

The space in an Express Repair Center has been conscientiously thought out and defined to achieve the greatest efficiency, and incorporates the most specific and advanced machinery with this aim in mind.

This environment is ideal for adding speed to the repair processes, but this requires highly qualified professionals and the use of techniques that let the intervention be carried out as quickly as possible. The training given at the Lever Touch Academy and the skill attained by our employees in the application of the Paintless Dent Repair technique make it possible to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete repairs.

Of course, none of this makes sense if the job does not match up to the strict quality standards that Lever Touch has always set itself. For us, it is important to be clear that the speed of the process will be the fastest possible without compromising the excellence of our work. Quality has been one of our company’s distinguishing features and is what we want to prevail.

In every Express Repair Center we try to integrate the pillars of our philosophy (excellence, state of the art, commitment and reliability) to offer customers an impeccable, transparent and extremely fast service. Express repairs are carried out within 24 hours whenever this is technically viable, and in some cases the repaired vehicle is returned on the same day it comes into our repair shop.

What is an Express Repair Center like: our repair shop in Barcelona

We recently opened our Barcelona centre, the global presentation of which was live-streamed. Its structure, in well-defined spaces, is the result of a millimetre-precise rationalization that seeks to optimize the activity and processes carried out inside.

There is an area for the Lever Touch Academy, where technicians receive training and internalize a philosophy based on constant learning. The centre also has a specific area for repairing dents using the artisanal PDR technique; this area is fitted with induction machines, indispensable for repairing larger dents.

repairing dents
The traditional bodywork area incorporates measurement systems and software that let the required parameters be determined accurately. The area for aluminium work, in turn, has special equipment and is carefully separated to avoid possible corrosion problems caused by the dust from this material.

There are four express areas, probably those most associated to the particular nature of the repair shop. They are designed for fast repairs and have heating systems, lifting equipment, aspiration equipment and all the other elements necessary so that the technician has everything required to do the job without having to leave the area.

fast vehicle repairs
An area has been set aside for two Standox painting boxes with the top-range products that Lever Touch works with, and a conventional painting area with two high-performance booths. Both the booths and the express areas have the best technology for obtaining data via Internet connection and real-time control over the process.

painting boxes
Finally, the fast mechanical area is fitted with 3D steering alignment equipment, 3D cameras, lifting, balancing and dismantling equipment, air-conditioning equipment and an electronic oil management system.

mechanical area
As well as these work areas, there is also a modern and pleasant customer reception area, where every owner will be attended and kept informed at all times.

The Lever Touch Express Repair Center is, in short, truly a new model of repair shop: a place where customers (whether private individuals, insurance companies, fleets or dealerships) obtain dedicated attention and an impeccable repair of their vehicles in the shortest possible time. All this is possible thanks to a structure focused on maximum efficiency that has the advanced equipment and highly qualified technical personnel.