Lever Touch: a global company that takes care of the smallest details

Bernd Schmitt illustrated in a very original way one of the key factors in the success of a company: the rubber duck. The clients of a certain hotel in Shanghai could find a little rubber duck next to the bathtub, with a note that said «Make yourself at home». Later, Schmitt will refer to the need to find an emotional connection with people, maintaining that every brand needs to find its rubber duck; that is to say a way to make the customers comfortable that is not related to big marketing campaigns, but to the care of the little details.

That is the philosophy of Lever Touch. We have created our rubber duck with a lot of dedication and care, knowing that the relationship between the customers an our company is also a person to person relationship, and that is how we want it to be perceived, always bearing in mind, above all, the focus on the artisanal quality of our work.

To our large-scale operations we add the thoroughness of goldsmiths

Even though our company has a large team and offers its services in several continents, each one of our technicians puts his gloves on and works patiently and meticulously. The best prove of that is the pdr technique, which takes the vehicle back to its original aspect through accurate methods:

The dent tools that are used to apply force on the steel from the inside out. They come in different lengths, shapes and rigidity levels, to adapt to every need.

The hot melt adhesives and tabs, which make it possible to work from the outside without traces, and become indispensable when the use of dent tools is not possible.

Magnetic induction, which was first used as a remedy for the weakening of the steel and, once it was improved, has become an extraordinarily efficient method for it to regain its original strength.

Our technicians are very thorough with cleanliness and the protection of every element

The aforementioned pdr technique is characterized by its perfect results, fixing the dents without visible damages or defects, and leaving the original paint unharmed. Its application, of course, is only possible from an artisanal point of view and an extremely precise use of the manual tools. At Lever Touch the work objects are not only the vehicles, but also each one of its parts, and we take good care of them.


Experience has allowed us to attain optimal coordination and process control

Lever Touch has worked in several hundred catastrophes caused by hail, blizzards and industrial pollution. In those operations we have fixed more than 345,000 vehicles and we have gained invaluable experience to provide our services faster and more efficiently.

Our comprehensive infrastructure makes it possible for us to deal simultaneously with several catastrophes and to reduce considerably the repair times, fixing thousands of automobiles (up to 30,000) in one operation.

We apply thorough quality controls standards and offer guarantees that are identical to those of the automakers

In our constant search for excellence, it is essential to perform full quality control evaluations to meet our high quality standards. Such standards have earned us the trust of the main automotive brands.

Our repairs offer the same guarantees that are offered by automakers, and we have been validated by some of them as high quality service providers for the recovery of damaged vehicles back to factory standards, and for the use of repair, R&I and welding techniques.

We take care of everything

Through Insurer Partnerships we support the insurance companies in cases of catastrophes. At Lever Touch we take care of customer service, picking up and delivery of replacement vehicles, and the repairs of the damaged automobiles. The car owners have access to information about the status of their vehicles at all times.

We invest on training to achieve technical excellence and on the development of digital tools for the control of productive processes

We always keep an eye on our goal of being a world reference in comprehensive solutions for climate catastrophes and services to large auto fleets. We are aware that it depends on the hands and skills of our technicians, and ito have the best and more qualified technicians we have created the Lever Touch Academy.

At the same time, we are constantly working on Lever Touch IT Solutions, aiming to develop and improve digital tools to optimize our processes.

In short, at Lever Touch, we want to look beyond and extend our services all over the world, but always keeping our focus on each tool we handle and on each dent we fix. The way we understand our work is dealing with the damages of one car in the same way we deal with the damages of thousands of them.

We know there lays the true value of what we do.